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Yes, you heard right.  We invite you to “J Walk” in Jefferson, but probably not how you think.  As you stroll the sidewalks of downtown, you may spy a canoe paddle along the way with a “J” right smack dab in the middle of it.  You just found your first “J Stop”.

The “J Stops” are two-sided with a “J” on one side and a historical image and description on the other.  These paddles tell stories of beer tunnels that run under the city and mobsters that passed through from Chicago on their way north. They capture the spirit of the community and the tenacity of businesses who have been here for over 100 years.  

On your search for all ten “J Stops” you’ll learn a little history as you discover modern gems.  We encourage you to make a day of it - savor gourmet coffee, indulge in a tantalizing pastry, snag a famous burger and sip a margarita or a cold beer. 

Explore beyond the “J Stops” and enjoy a walk along and over the Rock River on the iconic walking bridge.  Discover creative outdoor art on the west end of the bridge. Find beauty in the architecture of the historic buildings. Soak up the serenity of the natural surroundings. It’s your day to relax and experience all that we love about Jefferson.  Enjoy!

J Stop Locations

  1.  Jefferson House, 135 S Main St., Playa Vallarta
  2. Old Jefferson Firehouse, 148 E Milwaukee St.,  FOCUS Coworking
  3. St. Mary’s Episcopal Church/Carnegie Library, 309 S Main St., Fidelity Land Title
  4. The Imperial Saloon, 138 S Main St., Landmark Saloon
  5. Heger Brewery, 123 N Center Ave., Residential Property
  6. Court House Block, 311 S Center Ave., County Courthouse
  7. Farmers and Merchants Bank, 106 S Main St., Associated Bank
  8. Bon Ton Bakery, 115 E. Racine St., Bon Ton Bakery
  9. The Zimmerman Building, 200 W. Milwaukee St., The Heron’s Landing
  10. Puerner Buildings/Brewery/Heilemann’s Ice Cream, 100 N Main St., Fort Community Credit Union
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