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The School District of Jefferson

The Public Education System for the City of Jefferson is provided through the School District of Jefferson, a Unified School District observing students from pre-kindergarten through grade 12.  The School District encompasses an area of 94 square miles, including the City of Jefferson and the Villages of Helenville, Rome, and Sullivan with open enrollment.  The School District of Jefferson operates five school buildings, including three elementary schools, one middle school, and a high school.  The elementary schools house grades K-5, the middle school grades 6, 7, and 8, and the high school grades 9-12.  Two of the 3 elementary schools are located in the City of Jefferson, one serving the east side and one serving the west side of the city.  The third elementary school is located in the village of Sullivan and serves the families in Sullivan, Rome, and Helenville, along with the rural families in that area of the school district.  The Jefferson Middle School and the Jefferson High School are both located in the city of Jefferson and serve students from throughout the 94 square mile district.

28 special education teachers, psychologists, and social workers provide students with disabilities and exceptional education needs with a full continuum of special education and related services. Students with exceptional talents have their needs addressed through the districts Challenge Program, directed by a teacher certified to teach gifted and talented students.  The district also provides an array of instructional aide and support services throughout the 5 buildings.

Students in the Jefferson schools consistently demonstrate a high level of academic achievement measures to enrolled students beginning with the Iowa Basic Skills at the elementary level.  The School District of Jefferson annually administers the Wisconsin Student Assessment System Achievement Test to students in grades 8 and 10.  Students interested in post-secondary schooling typically elect to take the American College Test (ACT).  Additional national college entrance tests are administered through the high school guidance department. They offer 16 rigorous Advanced Placement courses along with other challenging courses to assure students are prepared for post-secondary college and career experiences.  Additionally, they value courses which support students striving to earn a 2-year associates degree with dual credit opportunities. Jefferson High School has a graduation rate of 94.5%.

East Elementary

(920) 675-1400

120 South Sanborn Avenue
Jefferson, WI 53549

West Elementary

(920) 675-1200

900 West Milwaukee Street
Jefferson, WI 53549

Sullivan Elementary

(920) 675-1500

618 Bakertown Road
Sullivan, WI 53178

Jefferson Middle School

(920) 675-1300

501 South Taft Street
Jefferson, WI 53519

Jefferson High School


(920) 675-1100

700 West Milwaukee Street
Jefferson, WI 53549

St. John's Lutheran School


(920) 674-2922

232 East Church Street
Jefferson, WI 53549

St. John the Baptist School


(920) 674-5821

324 North Street
Jefferson, WI 53549

St. Coletta of Wisconsin


(920) 675-1100

700 West Milwaukee Street
Jefferson, WI 53549

Madison College (MATC)

(608) 246-6100

(608) 246-6100

827 Banker Rd

Fort Atkinson, WI 53538

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