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Business at 5

Business at 5

Guidelines for Business Host

Purpose – The purpose of Business at 5 is to allow Chamber members to meet one another, to introduce new and prospective members, and to network and promote businesses in a relaxed social atmosphere.  The following guidelines will assist with hosting a Business at 5 event.  Hosting is limited to Chamber Members Only but prospective members may attend one or two times to see if this is a good venue for their business.


Timeframe – A Business at 5 is usually scheduled on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday from 5:00—6:30/7:00 p.m. This schedule is flexible according to the needs of the sponsor.   At 5:45pm, the Chamber Director will hold a 10 minute “business meeting” to introduce the sponsor, draw the 50-50 winner, thank guests and members and give hosts the opportunity to promote their business.  Other Chamber members may speak to announce their events/specials, limited to 30 seconds each.


Highlight Your Company – You are encouraged to display business materials, conduct tours (optional) and provide a door prize.  Gift Certificates or Chamber Bucks are great options.


Inclement Weather & Parking – If a Business at 5 is slated for outdoors, a backup arrangement is required in case of inclement weather.  If parking is required from adjacent businesses, ask permission to utilize before it is advertised.


Food – Hosts are responsible for the choice of food and beverage.  The average attendance is 20-40 people.   We recommend finger foods (cheese/crackers, veggie tray, fruit, sandwiches) and provide plates, napkins, plastic forks, wine cups, etc.


Beverages – Hosts are encouraged to provide a beverage selection to include any of the following: wine (both red and white are popular), beer, and some non-alcoholic choices like soda, bottled water, tea, etc. Note: it is not necessary for a sponsor to include alcoholic beverages, but guests tend to enjoy those options.  If the event is held at an establishment, you can offer drink tickets and limit the number of drinks given out to TWO EACH. The bar must be manned to collect tickets.   Please make arrangements with the establishment prior to the event to discuss how to handle the tab at the end of the event.


Check-in – Attendees sign in and obtain a name tag, so a table or counter should be set aside for this purpose.  The Chamber supplies all sign-in materials and nametags and has volunteers at the table.


Marketing – The Chamber will publicize the event in a direct email to member and in the weekly e-newsletter.  The host may also invite clients.


Chamber Contact  I  920-674-4511

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